Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It occurred to me today ... (I'm going to gripe about Polaroid right now), that little by little we are losing the very elements that we have all taken for granted. I fell in love with all things Polaroid and began photographing everything I could with my SX70 camera. Then, Time Zero film disappeared . Evidently the machines that Polaroid used to produce the film failed, so they abandoned the film. With really no regrets to the many artists, world wide who were using this film... Poof... it was gone! Now as you all know, we are losing all instant film from Polaroid. I'm so sad and sort of at a loss as to how I will replace this part of my artistic workflow. Am I alone on this? Anybody else? There really aren't any plugins, or actions in Photoshop that even get anywhere close to replicating the SX 70 magic or the emulsion lift or transfer. So sad. Does anyone know anything about Fuji instant film? Anyone tried it?